TikTok Rating is back 4.4 Star Google Play Store

TikTok Rating Negative Review went down due to the 1 Star Google Play Store. If you don't know, let's not know from beginning to end.

tiktok rating

TikTok Rating: The first trouble started in TikTok Vs Youtube. Many YouTubers have started posting critical videos on their channel about some of TikTok's videos long ago. However, he had some reasons. 
Because there are some TikTok Content Creators whose videos you will not get the tip of the head. 
tiktok rating, TikTok Rating 4.4 Star Google Play Store
So TikTok users started having headaches with many YouTubers starting to highlight them. Amir Siqqique released a video about this. Where he refers to YouTube videos as 100 times more Cringe than TikTok.
tiktok rating
And besides, he tags a lot of YouTubers. And later it was seen that more or less many YouTubers started replying to Amir Siddique's video. 
tiktok rating
And finally, Indian Youtuber “CarryMinati” released a video titled Youtube Vs TikTok- The End. 
The video became so popular that it broke many YouTube records. As proof, one video brought him 4 Million Subscribers. As well as 57+ Million View.
But his video was deleted by the YouTube authorities due to violation of the policy. And then the storm of 1-star rating of YouTuber and Indians started. Because all YouTubers started supporting CarryMinati with their audience.
And in that storm TikTok Rating comes 1 Star.
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But in the end, the Google Play Store authorities removed all the negative reviews given by Indians. And as a result, TikTok Rating is back at 4.4 Star Rating.
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