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Assalamualaikum friends, we tend to all use mobile, again and again our friends wish our mobile to decision. however again and again we tend to can’t provide them our mobile for a few of our personal reasons or maybe for a few cash downside. i am unable to agree once more if my friends wish Pine Tree State to. these days i will be able to show you a trick through that notwithstanding you provide your friend a mobile, your friend won't be able to build a decision along with your mobile. thus let's start.

★ 1st visit the dial possibility of your mobile as shown in Figure-1 below and dial * thirty one #. Then choose the SIM that you simply wish to prevent the outgoing decision (if you have got a SIM are hand-picked automatically). Then see that the SIM isn't any longer progressing to decision.

★ currently dial # thirty one # on constant SIM to begin outgoing decision once more. you'll see that you simply square measure progressing to decision any variety once more. this fashion you'll defend your mobile balance from your friends.

So friends thus far these days. Asakari you wish today's post. If you wish the post even a bit bit, then share the post along with your friends and provides them an opportunity to be told. everybody are fine, keep healthy.

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