Bangla Computer Tips and Tricks Details 2021

Computer is AN English word which implies calculator. The Latin word reason springs from the word reason, which implies calculator. during this age of technology there's no place wherever computers don't seem to be used. From home to buy to jute and workplace to court. And from analysis to everyplace, nothing works while not this pc, thus its importance is Brobdingnagian. All in all, during this age of data technology, nothing works while not the utilization of pc.

The device through that we tend to perform varied sorts of correct calculations - clearing, data, news, audio, video presentation, storage, transmission and reception is termed pc.

Computers square measure used with completely different systems, of that these 3 square measure one.

E.g. Hardware, computer code & System.

1.Hardware: Hardware is all the elements of a pc that may be visually touched and have a structure.

Bangla pc Tips: component is split into a pair of elements.

1. Input Device: Keyboard, Mouse, Scanner, Joystick.

2. Output Device: Monitor, Speaker, Printer, Plotter etc.

Software: I perceive the operating technique and usage rules of the pc program. typically I perceive the medium that i exploit to manage all the work of the pc. and therefore the one that may be seen however can not be touched is termed pc computer code. There square measure differing kinds of pc computer code.

Bangla pc Tips:

Such as:

1. System computer code.

2. Application computer code.

3. Programming computer code.

Below square measure the names of some notable system computer code on the pc. Bangla pc Tips

1. Windows 7,8,8.1,10

2. Windows-XP

3. Mac-OS

4. Linux

5. UNIX system and robot, Java, Symbian.

Bangla pc Tips

Types in computer:

Computers square measure usually divided into four parts:

Super pc

Mainframe pc

Mini pc


Bangla pc Tips: digital computer or pc is split into 3 elements. E.g.

1. Super small

2. Desktop

3. Laptop

The main hardware of a pc are:

1. CPU

2. Memory

3. Input / output device

4. board or main board.

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