Now Android phones Will Run At Storm Speeds

How are you all? Hope everybody is well. I am also fine with your prayers, by the grace of God. After many days, I have appeared among you again. Because of my honors final exam, I can't come even if I want to. Anyway let's move on to the main tune.

We almost all use Android smart phones. As the days go by, the mobile phone starts to get slower and slower at one time. If the phone works slow, then everyone is in a bad mood, this is normal. You can easily make your slow phone super fast if you want, without using any software and root unroot on all phones.

  • First you need to turn on the developer options from your phone's settings.
  • If the developer option of the phone is hidden, then go to About of your phone and click on Build Number 6 times.
  • Then come back and see the developer options coming on the phone.
  • The developer turns on the option.
  • Now look at the bottom of the windows animation scale is written, turn it off.
  • Then turn off the transition animation scale.
  • Then the Animator has written the duration scale and turned it off.
  • At the end of all, turn off your phone and turn it on.
  • And see the magic. Your phone will run at the speed of the storm. If you don't understand then you can visit my blog.

If you like it, you must like, comment, share and everyone will be fine. I will appear among you again later with a new tutorial. God bless you.

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