Stop Cutting Unwanted Money On Your SIM 2021

Hope everyone is doing well. i'm additionally well by the grace of God. these days I appeared before of you once more with a replacement tune. Hope you prefer it and realize it helpful. Our mobile typically cuts cash while not knowing it. we tend to don't perceive what happened by what. If you have got cash on your phone then this tune is for you. the most reasons for cutting cash on mobile are worth superimposed service, caller tune, welcome tune, miscellaneous alert, subscription etc. let's have a look at the way to stop these?

In case of Airtel SIM: one. CallerTune: * one21 * three * 1 #

2. Music, recreation, Radio Services: * 121 * three * a pair of #

3. Airtel Mobile Backup Service: By dialing * 121 * three * three # you'll shut down your cash cutting service.

In case of Robi SIM: one. to prevent va power-assisted service: * nine #

2. to prevent all services: attend the message possibility and send 1111 to any official variety of Robi.

In case of Banglalink SIM: one. to show off worth superimposed service: * one21 * half dozen * one * a pair of * 1 #

In the case of Grameenphone: one. to show off worth superimposed service: * one21 * ৬ * 1 # Miscellaneous Alert, decision Block Service, GP Music, Subscription. All services are closed.

The only means for Teletalk is to travel to your message possibility and sort T T stop and send it to 5000.

This was today's tune. I hope everybody likes it and it'll be helpful. If you prefer it, encourage it with god. make sure to let ME grasp if there are any issues. Wait until following tune comes and stick with my tuner page. shield yourself from copyright and advise others to refrain.
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