The Difference Between Website Design And Development

Friends, I hope everyone is well. We all hear about web design and web development. Today I will try to explain to you simply what is the difference between website design and development?

First of all, what is website design?

Web design is basically an external aspect of a website. The tune you are currently watching is a part of web design that can be seen from the outside. We basically see the external aspects of a website. The development of a website is done by a web developer. And a web designer does the design.

A web designer but does not do any work of web development. But a web designer can have some basic ideas of web development. So that it is easy for a developer to develop a website.

Web design is an external aspect of a website that we see. For example, if we imagine an engine driven car, then the car is a website. Part of the design of the website is the exterior of the car. And development is the engine of the car, which we do not see. The car's exterior seats, body, lights, doors can be called design and the engine part can be called development. Just as the exterior of a car gives the car its original look, so does the design of a website show the beauty of a website.

A web designer uses html and css to design a website. Also a web designer doesn't just use html and css. A web designer needs to know how to use applications like Photoshop, Illustrator etc. Because in order to make a website complete, the user interface of that website must be beautiful. All you need to know to create banners, logos, tuners, etc. for a designed website.

Also a web designer has to have some basic idea about the programming language of web development.

A web designer creates the structure of what will happen anywhere in a website. And he adds different colors and photos to different places on the website. A web developer develops a website with a website design from a web designer. Web designers use not only html and css, but also a web developer using html and css.

What does a web developer do?

The development of a website can also be called the lifeblood of a website. By developing a website, that website gets a complete look.

The website consists of two parts. One is the front end and the other is the back end. The work of the front end is mainly done by the designers. And the developers work on the back end or on the server side. A web developer needs to know different programming languages. The web developer needs to know the terms (X) HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, Java, Python, C, C + etc. well. Also know well about server related such as ASP, .NET, AJAX, etc.

I have given an example above to a website with an engine driven vehicle. Web development is basically like the engine of that engine driven car. Which cannot be seen from the outside. How the car engine is working and where it is, etc. Web developers work in exactly the same way behind a website. A web developer does all these things by clicking on the website, where it will take you and what source you will get the information from.

For example, if you go to YouTube, there are a lot of videos. Click on the thumbnail of the one you want to see. That video plays as soon as you click. When you clicked on the thumbnail, that video came to you from the YouTube server. After you click on the thumbnail of the video, a web developer programmed the source of the video. A web developer codes how many likes and how many times your video has been shared.

Friends this was today's tune. I hope you can easily understand the subject of website design and development. If you like the tune, do joss. Thanks for reading the full tune.

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