Best 6 Ways to Browse the Internet Without a Mouse

Assalamu Alaikum, how are you darkmagician community? Hope everybody is well. Today we will talk about a completely different topic, today we will talk about browsing the internet without a mouse.

Many may have been surprised to see the title of the tune. Wondering if this could be a trick? Many people may say in their minds that it is fun to browse the computer or internet without a mouse, maybe it is a waste of time. While it may seem difficult for ordinary users like us to operate a computer without a mouse, it is much easier for any software developer or those who work with data entry to use a computer without a mouse. You can ask them and they will tell you that it can be done faster without a mouse.

Internet browsing without a mouse

When it comes to browsing the internet without a mouse, the question that comes to your mind is how to quickly click on different places, how to right click, etc. This tune is mainly for those programmers and web developers. This tune is for those who are looking for a better way to work without a mouse.

So today we will introduce you to some extensions and browsers with which you can browse without a mouse. You can use all browsers and extensions for free.

1. Vimium

Vimium is a free Chrome extension that lets you access keyboard-based Internet browsing. Moreover the Vimium extension is quite popular for this purpose.

Vimium is basically inspired from Vim or based on Vim . It is worth mentioning here that Vim is a command line text editor commonly used by developers. It was first released in 1991.

If you have never used a command line text editor like Vimum before, you need to do some practice before using Vimium. Moreover, you can go to Vimium's website and get its demo video.

You can also use this extension for Firefox, the Firefox extension is called Vimium-FF.

2. Tridactyl

The Tridactyl extension is similar to Vimium. However, this extension was created just for Firefox. The Tridactyl extension basically emulates Firefox's Vimperator extension. Vimperator is a keyboard-based extension that does not work with newer versions.

If you are a web developer then Tridactyl can be a great help as an HTML development tool. It can be customized quite well. In addition to the standard commands in the extension, you can also add commands manually.

You can turn it on by coming to the webpage and pressing F. Hints will be shown through the red popup as soon as it is launched. Hint will show in places that can be clicked.

Entering text input mode, navigating the tabs may seem a bit difficult at first, but gradually things will get easier. Moreover, you have a hint to make these tasks easier.

3. DeadMouse

Another great extension for browsing the web without a mouse is DeadMouse. However, it is made differently than Vimium and Tridactyl. It has a system without hint, you just have to type where you want to click.

After typing something it will match and you can do it by pressing Enter. DeadMouse follows this method where other extensions do the job with the help of Hint.

Although this extension does not have many features, hopefully it will be able to do your job in a short time.

4. Qutebrowser

Qutebrowser is a free and open source keyboard based browser. This is a Vim based browser. As it is a Vim based browser, it can be activated by pressing F just like Vim browsers or extensions.

Great is the minimal browser being Qutebrowser. It will have features like bookmarks and downloads. You can customize it a lot by editing the configuration file.

5. Edbrowse

Edbrowse is a command-line web browser. This browser code was written by Karl Dahlke. As a command line web browser, you will find Terminal.

There is nothing to be afraid of being a command line, you can easily absorb it through practice. You, can find different things in the browser through Ctrl + F shortcut and browse faster.

Even though it is a terminal based browser, it will still support Javascript. With the guide you can access Facebook, Twitter, YouTube with Edbrowse.

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