Find Your Motherboard Brand and Model

There are several reasons why you would possibly have to be compelled to notice your motherboard’s complete and model variety. wanting to update drivers or the BIOS are the foremost common ones, however you will conjointly need to visualize compatibility with alternative hardware, discover specifications, or are simply trying to find a uniform replacement. And with OEM PCs and laptops, it is not forever as simple as checking the box of your motherboard's box.

Native methodology

Probably the fastest and easiest method to find your motherboard model is by mistreatment Windows' System data utility. In Windows ten you'll access this menu by about to begin, typewriting "System Information" and running the appliance. as an alternative, hit the Windows key + R to open the Run window, then sort “msinfo32” and hit Enter.Those on older Windows PCs will use the Run command higher than, or inside the beginning menu, click on: All Programs > Accessories > System Tools, then the System data utility. Within System data you’ll notice your motherboard create and model within the System outline section:

Third-party code

Not solely are third-party system profile apps sometimes free, however they provide a wealth of system data tired one place. one in all the foremost well-liked and arguably the most effective, is CPU-Z, that you'll transfer here.

You’ll ascertain a lot of concerning your hardware mistreatment CPU-Z than from Windows' intrinsic utility, creating it vital among laptop enthusiasts and tinkerers.

Another glorious piece of code for distinguishing your motherboard model whereas conjointly providing a bunch of alternative data is Belarc authority. Like CPU-Z, it analyzes a system to create a profile of your put in hardware however conjointly includes a outline of your system's code. It even shows Microsoft hotfixes and missing security updates.

Another distinction is that the findings ar conferred in your application. you'll transfer the most recent version of Belarc authority here.

There's another nice utility known as Speccy.

It will show you discover a lot of data than what Windows offers, however another bonus is that it displays the temperatures of your completely different elements. you'll transfer Speccy here.

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