Emotional Talk 2021 Motivational

He who loves does not curse, but there is a saying, "Woe to the soul." This has been said several times in the Qur'an, which we must believe. Every man is punished for his evil deeds, some before, some after a few days, but he will be punished. Maybe we don't understand, in fact we are being punished for any work. By hurting someone, by crying someone, by insulting someone, by cheating someone, by forgetting unknowingly, we do not forget the real thing.

The one with whom you are now unjustly walking around proudly may not protest, but the curse from his suffering will never leave you. God does not deceive anyone, nor is He alone with the Creator. Remember, he who loves can never hate the words of others without seeing or hearing himself in a few moments. Believe that bipartisanship never brings good results.

Today you are harassing others by stepping on the ground, but tomorrow this land will sit on you, and you will see your own harassment through the good exchange of Allah. If you want to convince someone, just explain. But you don't have the right to cut his heart. Make the best use of any relationship to have time, if someone slaps you and let you get another cheek. But your inner soul knows how you are, so purify yourself. Never make a hole for others. If the writing of destiny is reversed, your abusive prayer life will change. So be careful who gives priority to time.

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