Windows 11 Vs Windows 10: What You Need To Know

Windows 11 Updates:

While Windows 8.1 (and Windows 7) brought in major changes to the overall system to the tune of reorganization and power, Windows 10 saw much of the same, but with the addition of new tricks. This is one of those pivotal points in the Windows lifecycle where new updates arrive for both. Windows 10 was the first to introduce the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), a feature that allows users of Ubuntu and other Linux distributions to build systems under the Microsoft operating system. Windows 10 Creators Update also introduced a new full-screen virtual machine for windows – a significant change from the previous Live-Tiles (WinTab) screen size. These are just some of the tweaks that were made. Windows 10 is already on its third major update.

What is the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11?

When Microsoft unveiled Windows 8 back in 2012, people were pretty divided on whether they liked it. Some didn't mind Windows 8 because it made them feel like they had a mobile device in their PC. However, many Windows 7 loyalists disliked the Windows 8 Start Menu, having seen it in Windows Vista, Windows 7, and the original Windows 8. The initial Windows 8 release suffered from a raft of issues, some of which were very serious. After all the initial furor had died down, Microsoft announced the Windows 8.1 update. This had a number of updates and improved security, as well as addressing some of the issues that users had experienced with Windows 8. So far, so good. Microsoft also delivered Windows 8.1 RT, which meant that all Windows 8.

What is the Release Date of Windows 11?

Right now, the official release date for the Windows 11 is currently set for fall of 2016, although some reports are already saying it might come out earlier. As for a specific release date, Microsoft has said that they won't make one at this point in time. What are the biggest changes in Windows 10 and Windows 8? Well, Windows 10 is indeed a far more modern looking operating system compared to its predecessor, which came out in 2012. Windows 8 was based on the design and usability of the old Windows Vista and Windows 7, which is one of the reasons why it was received so poorly.


There is a lot to look forward to with Windows 10, and with so much to say about Windows 10, you might be wondering how well your current Windows 7 PC can take the firepower with this new OS. With this article, we hope to answer the question for you: Is it really time to upgrade? In this article, we look at the elements that will make up Windows 10. If you are interested in checking out the full Windows 10 requirements, click here.

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